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Fresco is an ancient technique of mural painting that uses natural pigments on freshly laid plaster, whereby the painting becomes an integral part of the wall or surface as the plaster dries.  It is remarkable for its outstanding intensity of colour and durability, qualities that set it apart from any other form of wall mural.


The art of fresco is a truly organic method of painting that requires distinct composition and special pigments.  True frescoes are made with slaked lime (calcium hydroxide) and paints that are prepared from natural pigments of oxides, ochres and umbers mixed with minerals and various clays.  Only when these elements are brought together in the composition can the artwork be acknowledged as an authentic fresco.

Michelangelo's David

​James Postill creates, teaches and promotes the art of fresco painting.  He can prepare, design and install modest to large-scale buon fresco artworks directly onto the wall or paint smaller, more easily portable fresco artworks suitable for interior space.


The organic nature of fresco makes it a perfect art installation for schools and wineries or any public place, as todays society moves increasingly towards the use of green products. The natural chemical compositon of fresco means any debris left over from the installation can be harmlessly dispersed and actually be of benefit to the earth. 


James Postill is passionate about educating people about the art of fresco and promoting it throughout the Okanagan and the province of BC.  He has a fresco project outline for schools resourcing grant funding through ArtStarts and other programs and he conducts workshops and talks on fresco by request.



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