Private Art Lessons

Individual in-studio lessons for clients who prefer one on one teaching.  A series of lessons can be structured according to the student's needs and choice of medium.   


Group Classes   

Students practice techniques of some of the great masters of our time and recreate pieces in oil on canvas by each of the masters we study.  The course also provides insight into some of the personal, social and historical influences on the artists and their individual styles.

Classes can be tailored for private groups or enquire below for current course  dates and venues.






Fresco Workshops

It is said that learning how to paint fresco improves an artist's ability to understand and utilize all the basic elements of art-making: tonal values, color, line, and picture design. 
Experience a taste of Renaissance art techniques. Learn how buon frescoes (paintings on wet plaster) were created by Michelangelo and Raphael. Closely supported by the instructor, participants will paint two small frescoes during a two day workshop, with a focus on three steps: laying the plaster, transferring a design onto it, and painting the image.
Call or email to for more information.


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