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The ABC’S of marketing your art

So, by now you have started to collect a good body of paintings that are taking up space in your studio.

Maybe you have asked yourself if you want to sell them, and how you might do this?

I’ve thought of a few key things to keep in mind when you’re beginning the process of marketing. These may sound pretty basic, but I’ve found them to be important because they’re applicable for just about any marketing situation, no matter the task.

Be persistent but patient when following leads

Show professionalism in everything you do

Be proactive

Do your homework

Follow up

Learn from your mistakes

Art marketing is a topic which could take up volumes of books and span a lot of time. A person could grow quite old researching this subject before even getting started. When it comes to marketing my own art, every time I figure one thing out, it seems there’s always something else to become an expert on.

There are dozens of ways to market your art, but a good way to start, that won’t cost very much money at the start include: entering local art shows in your community, approaching local businesses and restaurants to exhibit your work.

If you can save up some cash, a website with a proper payment mechanism, will cost between $1000 and $3000 dollars.

You don’t need a lot of pictures to fill it, as long as they are good quality images with no background showing around them.

And then there’s social media…

Stay tuned. This will need a whole separate article in itself.

May your creative journey be long and winding.

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