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1936 Big Band Organ Renovation
  • 1936 Big Band Organ Renovation

    In the autumn of 2020, James was contacted by a gentleman to do some oil painting and airbrush acrylic painting. It was not a straight forward picture though. The client, Dwight, had purchased a very old and very rare 1936 big band organ that was built in Belgium in 1936. When the war broke out, it was shipped first to England, where it played outside at country fairs. It then made its way to Canada, where it ended up in Revelstoke, home of the only mechanical museum in the country. It eventually ended up on Vancouver Island, where Dwight found and purchased it to bring back to his workshop in Armstrong, British Columbia. James's small part in this massively difficult renovation project was to repaint certain sections of the organ that Dwight had to re-fabricate from scratch. 
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