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Vernon Community Art Center Fresco Mural
  • Vernon Community Art Center Fresco Mural

    In 2013, James was approached by the Vernon Community Arts Center to participate in the creation of a special project. They were looking for something unique to decorate their atrium outside the main entrance. At that time James had just finished learning a unique type of wall art called fresco painting. He accepted their proposal and created a design to reflect some of the main activities that the art center provides. Fresco painting could hardly be called modern art because it goes back thousands of years in art history. The idea for James was to use this ancient method and create a modern design. Because of Canada's harsh climate, fresco painting is sparsely practiced, let alone put on exterior walls. Because the atrium is sheltered, Vernon now has one of a few known buon, or true in Italian, frescoes in western Canada.
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